What Combine Marketing Group provides is something that today’s businesses desperately need…Common Sense.

This economy isn’t going away anytime soon and its important to realize that what you do Right Now will make the difference between prospering or just getting by…or worse yet, shutting your doors for good. As a business owner your in a great position in that you actually have a job! We just need to get your “job” to pay you more money…because the alternative- looking through the help wanted ads to find work…was never your goal to begin with.

Our marketing strategies are based on what works and what’s happening Right Now.

Before we get into the really “good stuff”- which is code for “ways for your business to make you a pile of money”, lets start at square one. Now everyone understands the importance of having a website (if you don’t then we REALLY need to talk!)…the times of having a Yellow Pages ad in the phone book, and calling that your “advertising campaign”, are long gone. The FACTS are this- if your business is nowhere to be found on the internet, you are losing potential customers EVERYDAY…that’s cold hard cash you are not making because of a simple but critical oversight. Truth be told, that money is probably finding its way into your competitors bank account, you know… that guy who has a website.

Now lets talk about something that is guaranteed to make you more money.

Consider this a Free Gift from Combine Marketing Group to you…

The nice folks at Google have essentially provided your business with a Free website that automatically gets great SEO rankings (Search Engine Optimization- which simply means that it comes up on the 1st or 2nd page of a Google search…which is a good thing!).  So if your business is not listed on Google Places right now, (I would open a new tab on your browser right now to see)…or if it is and you had no idea about it even being there…you need to contact Google and register yourself as the owner of your business (they will mail you a card to verify this). Once verified you can add all sorts of stuff to your Google Places listing…services, photos, hours of operation and a lot of other things that will help customers and clients buy from you!

Like I said, that’s our Free gift to you as many businesses are completely unaware of this…and its a great way to ensure customers are finding your business.

We have numerous other strategies for utilizing the power of Google so you can dominate your local market, which simply means more profits and long term consistent success.  


Now lets get to the good stuff, which is really what Combine Marketing Group specializes in…Mobile App Development.

If you have an iPhone or Android device then you’ve probably heard of App’s already…(ever play Angry Birds? …It’s addicting!) Well aside from games, there is a whole other side to App’s and this is huge for businesses large and small.  Here are some statistics to help lay the ground work.

  • US sales of smartphones to grow from 67 million in 2010 to 95 million in 2011, and become the highest-selling consumer electronic device category.
  • Nielsen report that 43% of US mobile phone owners have a smartphone as of October 2011, and expect smartphones to become the majority by the end of 2011.
  • Morgan Stanley Research estimates sales of smartphones will exceed those of PCs in 2012.

2.6 Billion as last October!

So what exactly does this mean for your business? In a word- Opportunity.

Many businesses and organizations are realizing the massive potential to reach new and existing customers through the App market.  

Today people don’t wait to get home to look up a restaurant or a tire shop, they get right on their phone and search immediately. That’s powerful stuff, but lets go beyond that for a moment…what if you were ALREADY ON THEIR PHONE! That’s the opportunity of Mobile App Marketing for your business…once your businesses App is downloaded (for Free) onto an iPhone or Android device, its only a icon touch away from giving your customer what they are looking for. They can  see your Hours of Operation, Coupons, Specials, Videos, Pictures, Updates, Google Maps Location, Menu and other general information…there’s so many options available, it just depends on how big you want to go with it.

Ok, so here’s where it gets even better (I know, its hard to believe). There’s something you can use to Instantly Message people through your App, its called a Push Notification. Think of it like a text message from your App…and the best part is it works even when they are not using your App. The PN box will appear on their screen like magic, with whatever message or special you want them to receive!

Given that people NEVER leave home without their smartphone (ever heard the phrase “crack-berry”)…and you have your business essentially ON their phone through the App, and you can message them DIRECTLY through Push Notification’s. It goes without saying that having a Mobile App for you business, organization or team is a big deal with BIG potential. 


PS. If your looking to have a local company build you a basic “bare bones” website (which may never rank high with Google SEO anyway)…you will pay no less than $3000 (these are numbers from a Westmoreland County based web design company that does a lot of work in the area).

PSS..We can get you into the iPhone and Android App Market at a fraction of that cost!

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